Focus on intelligent lighting customization of the whole house

Think for you...

Titanium Series

The metallic texture is super durable

Mainstream style taste, personality customization, metal texture, beyond imagination
One key switch combined lighting, innovative control, flexible customization

Smart Dimmer Switch

Gradual light perception

Electrodeless dimming, can call out any warm and cold tone, add adjustable RGB light

Smart Curtain Switch

Suitable for all kinds of opening and closing curtains

Percentage control range

Smart AC Control

Multi mode intelligent management

Adjust the temperature according to the change of environment temperature

High-Power Switch

Integrating new advantages of intelligent module combination

Meet the multi-purpose, multi equipment, multi terminal, provide high efficiency, low consumption of intelligent large-scale living space

Ceiling Sensor

Free network layout

Multi equipment networking, signal communication with a variety of security equipment

PIR Switch

Detection action, easy to achieve

Combination of induction and switch, guard the whole house control

Hotel Sensor Switch

Detect the existence of intelligence

Contactless intelligent room control

Cardkey Switch

Multiple card customization

Realize low cost transformation into intelligent guest room

Hotel Doorbell System

Beautiful, support Hotel customization

Touch Hotel doorbell system makes guests feel warm

Wireless curtain motor

Turn traditional motor by wire into intelligent wireless motor

It is easy to upgrade and replace, and can be operated by mobile phone

KiKi Smart Voice Control Speaker

Voice control, a new way for old people and children

Using voice to control the whole house equipment, making intelligence more convenient

Dual Color LED Lamp

Play out two color temperature, infinite change

Switch with each other, the whole house lights show the panoramic view