Ceiling Sensor

Intelligent sensor

It's not just a probe, but it's smart

  • Expandable
  • Simple wiring
  • Ultra high sensitivity
  • Multi angle adjustment
  • Compound eye synchronization
  • Scene linkage

Simple wiring installation, simple operation

The probe is directly connected to the SAVEKEY smart switch, and does not need to be connected to the RS485 communication of the security host, and is connected in series

Master slave cooperation

The UFO probe sensing Max has powerful expansion function, which can be linked through ZigBee ha wireless signal, and the UFO probe sensing se, wireless door magnet, wireless window magnet, dry contact input detection / output control, etc

Ultra high sensitivity probe, wide angle range

Using high performance Panasonic probe, the detection distance can reach 12M and the detection angle can reach ∠100°

Adjustable angle, suitable for different occasions

The flying saucer probe is equipped with three kinds of angle caps, which greatly facilitates the accurate detection in many fields

Panel operation, start and stop freely

Through the intelligent switch on / off probe induction detection, easy to realize the whole house security function

Compound eye synchronization, no blind spot

Multiple devices are equipped to trigger synchronously to realize the overall collaborative detection