Smart Lighting SwitchLighting atmosphere

Intelligent light switch Rainbow

Curve modeling, intelligent atmosphere, trigger the beauty of life

Multiple compatible modes / scene linkage / built-in wireless / synchronous work / timing programming / energy saving

Mortise tenon structure

Experience design wisdom between mortise and tenon

Aluminum alloy panel
Core controls
Flame retardant guide bottom shell
Snap on pre assembled bracket
Smart touch panel
2mm arc surface magnetic absorbing glass

Make with heart

Every component contains the persistent pursuit of industrial design

Two dry contact input interface, DC 12V power port

Relay zero crossing protection technology, anti impact current up to 300A, full load switching more than 100000 times

Support a variety of communication modules, millisecond level corresponding speed, safe and reliable communication processing

Unique safety tube overload protection device

Lightning protection, anti surge power module, passed 1000V surge certification test

Any collocation, mutual networking

Wired intelligent switch and wireless intelligent switch can be mixed and interconnected, and the unique networking mode provides a full range of solutions

Synchronous control

Multi point joint control, without long-distance walking, synchronous control in one step

Scene control

One click atmosphere, give you the comfortable experience you want

Dry contact input linkage

Each switch with two dry contact detection, easy access to security equipment

Mobile APP remote control

Anytime, anywhere, no matter where you are, you can master the intelligent switch of the whole house in real time

Remote control

Built in common control, simple operation, suitable for the elderly and children